Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Frost Barrier

This purchased cover is not quite large enough for the four-foot square bed. It's an 8' bag and it almost works. It will be perfect for the three-foot square garden, however. I plan to purchase more PVC and adjust the length for the smaller garden. Frost barriers come in a lot of sizes.

How to Make a Frost Barrier for Your Square-Foot Garden

Using two 12-ft. PVC pipes and a twist tie, you can make a frame for holding a frost barrier, whether it is designed for that purpose, a large sheet of plastic, or even blankets. This frame and cover can keep young plants safe from freezing temperatures. Most covers will work down to about 28 degrees.

The Grid Is On!

It's almost complete. I still need to nail the grid in place so I can keep track of what and how much I have planted in the bed.

Three-foot Square Garden

This little garden next to my back door gets a little too much shade for cut flowers, so it's going to be an herb garden. It makes sense because it is closer to the house so I can just run downstairs and take a quick clipping of whatever herbs I need.

This size garden is recommended for growing enough salad vegetables for a child during the growing season. Continuous planning can keep the garden full year round.

No Spring in Sight

Just when wishful thinking makes you think spring is here, the expected unexpected happens. It snowed and snowed. It was beautiful.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Rain Barrel Is So Full!!!

We've had so much rain and so much snow that I wish I had the heavy duty version of these babies. Come on spring.